Welcome to classicalguitarlesson.com and marceltiemensma.com

This site is hosted by the European Dutch master Marcel Tiemensma, a professional conservatory trained classical guitarist.

This is a guitar technique e-learning site for the intermediate to advanced guitarist who desires to perfect their technique in classical, Spanish, and flamenco style. The ability to use the internet allows everyone to have personal instruction from the worlds' most accomplished professional teaching musicians. This is done by a variety of methods, such as the use of video (through multiformat file-transfer or a hard copy DVD) and e-mail-instruction.

The idea is simple: you browse the example-page and view one of the multiple 'advanced technique' video-clips.  Once you have decided on a technique or style you would like to study (with Marcel's assistance) you fill in the contact sheet. Marcel will be in touch with you very promptly and suggest a personalized plan.

This method of instruction is personal, interactive and offered at a European Conservatory level, inside your own home. In this way, one is able to learn at a pace that does fit into a modern work or school schedule.

Pricing is, of course, dependent on your request. An average pricing-format you can find here.